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India’s leading Service provider in Pneumatic Tube System

Vahiny is the proud flag holders of Pneumatic tube Technology, leading in intra-industry transport segment. We are proudly established in India and employ the best methods in the industry customized to suit your individual needs.

Pneumatic Transport System

We are

Reliable, Professional & Efficient service providers

Our excellent service providers are the pride of the industry. Vahiny is proud to be recognized as quality service provider that delivers advanced solutions catering to various industries. Rest assured as your project is in the most reliable and experienced hands with an unparalleled record of successful projects.

Aiding the Healthcare Facilities with Shoot System

Our Pneumatic Transport System can do wonders in assisting hospitals, pharmacies, OPD’s and pathology labs. We take care of your transportation needs within the hospitals so that you can provide better care to the patients. Our technology applies the science of partial vacuum to transport medical equipment in a swift, safe and silent manner.

Industrial Applications of Pneumatic Transport System

Vahiny expands the horizon of applications of Shoot System to dairy, food, chemical, foundry and many other sectors. There is a wide spectrum of application for the Pneumatic Transport System in every industry and workplace. From ensuring swift and safe transport of raw goods from R&D lab to workplace in industries to hot sample transport within laboratories, Shoot System has found its applications everywhere.

Reduce Operation Cost

Installation of Pneumatic Tubes in work premises is a major step towards a cost-effective workplace. The need to employ additional staff for the sake of transport of goods within the premises is eliminated by our technology. Just a single investment in our Shoot System will pay huge dividends in your annual budget and reduce the operation cost.

With You from The First Step

We assist our clients in creating and building their desirable workplace from the first step of planning and architecture. Pneumatic Tube System have become a prerequisite in all modern workplaces by eliminating the hassle of transport within the premises.